Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yoga the science of transformation

This is an old guest post that i have made one year ago before i leave Greece, to Andronikis professional page in FB.
Androniki asked me to write a note on yoga and transformation . The post was in Greek language and thought to translate it into English. Hope it worth it ! 
I have to note that since i wrote this post , of course me i m not the same...! My understanding expand even more by touching and practicing in the ground of Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhist Tantra.     

At some point in our lives, we all fervently calling for a major change inside and outside of us.

From the famous "I have a dream" by Martin Luther King and  "Be the change you want to see in the world" by M. Gandhi, ultimately how many changes do we really attained ?

These visionaries of the past, that still are mentioned to our days, had taken the decision that nothing will be left untouched from the old self. That every little piece inside us wants to be changed and this is the sense of metamorphosis, that nothing remains the same. But how many of us have the power to do this? And how we can actually do it?
Fortunately in the dense and dark forest of our lives, there is a clear light and this is the path of Yoga, the science of transformation.

In this process we must bear in mind that nothing comes without practice. Even the greatest Yogis and Yoginis that finally attain the state of Samadhi and from that point could take a glimpse of the unborn nature of mind, they were ascetics who practice with great discipline, enthusiasm and high level of concentration.
Nowdays what people mostly look,  is 'the thorns of the rose  of existence' rather than caring how can "watering" it. Wasting a whole life to remove the "thorns".  This is what i call "pre-occupation" of our mind with unnecessary tasks and so, the mind and our body cannot be organized and stay focused to whatever we do, resulting to  the most familiar phrase : "I DON'T HAVE TIME".

If we can observe ourselves, for 24 hours we will see that there are moments full of un-necessary things that we do and say and occupy our lives day after day.

Is essential to try to find time for yoga, even if that means that in the beginning we have to get up at 5am. Slowly - slowly we will see, that things that used to take 8 hours , to be done in our daily routines will be reduced in the half of the time. Because our mind will be more focused and we will have much more clarity in our options. That's why, this time for our practice is so precious.

What looks like transcendent in the science of Yoga is nothing other than the acquisition of taming the body, the emotions and ultimately the mind. Nobody wants to live by luck, it brings stress in everyday life, so much anguish. But to learn how to use the full dynamic of ourselves is another thing and there lies the prosperity in one's life .

And we start with the body, because it is the most perceivable object and when we finally attain the enlightenment, again it will happen through this  body. 

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is given :

 "TADA SVARUPE VASTHANAM DRASTUH" which means "Then (when you're able to control the fluctuations of the mind you) the self obey the true nature".

Through this body, life can be so ecstatic and every moment a living bliss.  The tools that are given to us from the science of yoga are:

  • Asanas (positions we take in our body),
  • Pranayama (breath control),
  • Kriyas (techniques of purifying the  energy channels of the body),
  • Meditation,
  • Mantras (words, prayers or sounds with transcendent meaning)
  • Ayurveda ( Vedic Natural Treatment Science).

So many tools we can use to develop our daily Shadana ( practice ) .

Building our own spiritual practice.

All we need is to apply a question to ourselves :  "I'm ready for a complete metamorphosis?" – the way and wisdom has been given, all we need is just a courageous heart! The rest are coming....

Sadhguru always has been a favorite of me

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