Monday, October 14, 2013

Shaping the mind

Milarepa the Great Yogi of Tibet

I would like to share some thoughts from my today Asana practice.
Today i experienced a very comfort sensation within the body and the mind as well.
I remember when i first started practicing yoga in terms of Asana, i was moved originally by my physical and mental discomfort.
Asana practice is a process of " unappealing the onion " of this body and mind we are living in ..
and this process slowly slowly bears some fruits of small realizations that our body and mind are filled up with many things, some are useful to know about, some are unnecessary and some are completely useless.
During this process sometime we lose our track. Which was originally to be happy. There are  two types of happiness. The physical or sensual happiness and the mental happiness. Now i ask you to make the question which one you think is more important to have as an experience. My thinking is that mental happiness is far more important. You all have felt the difference when you wake up in a very "joyful mood" or the morning you wake up in "bad mood" .
When you have " good mood " you really can endure many things. You are more genuine in every way , and you are not easily get angry, disappoint, and you may even endure some physical pain ...but when you have the other morning , everything is just going wrong, your compassion is not there, your dissatisfaction is there and of course no mention in what level is your patience.
So , what i try to say is that you have to take care of the mind.
This is the one to be shaped and merely the body. And your work is to check always..when you finish a difficult posture, when you complete 1rst, 2nd, 3rd, 4rth , 5 , 6, 7 series in the end of the day ARE YOU REALLY HAPPY???
Shaping the mind comes ONLY through meditation and investigation of the nature of the mind. You don't need to be religious, you don't need to be perfect in Asana in order to taming the mind. You just need to sit couple of minutes and quite the mind just for 5 that stillness of the 5 seconds you start to experience the true nature of mind and from there you can grow up towards happiness.
By reasoning , by examination here and now. Time is running out, in fact from the moment the sperm find the egg your life span start to running out. Death is so close , is after single breath we take. 
Even sleeping tonight in good mind and heart but tomorrow is not sure is coming..But we are habitual minds and habitually postpone to get our piece of happiness in this very life. 



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