Monday, March 4, 2013

Find what you love and let it kill you

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Sitting on my floor this morning looking at the rays of light coming through my window, and seeing settling them down softly and warm in my bare feet i let myself wandering in places and thoughts untouchables like these golden ray of lights on my feet..
Making questions that i couldn't answer.. 
about how can one do what he really wants to but somehow even that, is not enough and at the same  time how can the same love become a turmoil of one's life ?
Later in the day i came across with this quote of Bukowski, and then i understood it all.
To find what one's truly wants in his life, is the first step but the ability to adapt and to adjust into the vastness of this love you choose to become your vehicle in life is total other thing. A whole life process and this  is where the true Sadhana, the spiritual practice it self, lies.
 Meaning that you have to let this love kill you.
 The truth of your love needs to be understood.

The pain is helping to purify ourselves and there are so many types of pain, even THE pain of pain. If one remains with that, will remain in pain of course but to escape is painful and learning and understanding is also painful but all pain has results.
Everything that may comes in the form of 

is a gift, is a way to practice and become strong by knowing your own weakness. And to accept and to embrace that state fully , is only then that the fruits of your practice can be seen. Let yourself to deconstruct  carefully in pieces and in that process study and understand these pieces , and when all put it back together you understand the difference between you and the situations that may occur in your life. Why after all we are in this life , in this form? If not to practice? Just being responsible toward the practice and do whatever it takes..because life is too short ..and excuse me that i may sound a bit arrogant but why not in this life take my piece of enlightenment?  I want it and i will try to take a bit in this life...Is out there anyone who wants to join me??? 

 Next post from the foothills of Himalayan 
Enjoy life and embrace pain like a mother does when she is giving birth to her child.
Dedicate the video with the blooming rose to everyone that i didn't find the way to say goodbye.
I love you all...

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