Sunday, February 3, 2013

Svadhyaya, the study of the Scriptures

Svadhyaya is the 4th practice of the second limb in the eightfold path of Patanjali's. 
The second limb called Niyama and contains 5 internal practices (observances) or i can rephrase it as 5 vows of the self discipline of a yogi. The practice of them cherishes the individual and make the yogi or the yogini strong towards the way of  the Self study and realization. These are :

  1. Saucha : purification, cleanliness
  2. Santosha : contentment, peacefulness
  3. Tapas : austerity, practical spiritual discipline
  4. Svadhyaya : self - study 
  5. Ishvara Pranidhana : devotion , surrender to the higher power

The name of my blog is inspired from Niyamas 4th practice. Svadhyaya involves the study of sacred and spiritual texts and teachings , and the recitation of sacred words or mantras.
During the last years that i dedicate my self to the yogi way of living i felt very strong that along with my practices of asana and pranayama i need it another practice that can give me a tool of a self-guided inquire.
With Manju P. Jois , who is one of my 2 main teachers in my path, i was introduced to Vedic chanting. The daily recitation of the Shanti mantras of Krishna Yajur vedas started having a strong effect in my brain and day after day i started feeling the purification and the clarity in mind that was taking place.
With a strong and a vibrant mind, you have one more tool for the self enquire and for a better understanding of the ancient wisdom that lies inside the sacred texts.
The last months before i leave Greece for India and Nepal i was studying the texts of Indian Philosophy and Yoga and now after my travel is expand this study in Buddhism philosophy as well and so this blog i want to link any kind of understanding from the texts in relation to matters of the modern life that we are all part of.


Bhandarkar Library in Pune
Is one of the places i want to go to explore during my time  to India, next months 

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