Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lost in Greek translation and other thoughts

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Some days ago i was asked from Androniki Nisira-Louka - a friend and a healer - to write a note as a guest post in her page. 
The post was about how Yoga helps the mind and the body and how it is connected this practice with the energy itself. I don't know if there was an outcome eventually of what i post, but i do know how long it took me to write such a small note in my native language, which is the Greek. 
I was thinking - and maybe viewers of non-English countries can contribute their experience in this post - why is it so difficult to express in my own language thoughts about spirituality, mindfulness, yoga , and do not mention how even harder is to translate a Yoga Sutra in Greek.! 
My personal library about Yoga is mainly in English titles. Because whenever i tried to read something in Greek automatically a gap between me and what i' m reading is created and it is logical as yoga titles translated into Greek, by people who mainly have no personal experiences to the subject. 
Greek Yoga Community is very small, yet the need of " Yoke " is so big. And you can see it specially now, at the time of Greek financial crisis, people start turn inwardly because it is mainly what is left, and thus lost of actions are taking place were yoga is more and more accessible, more free and more giving.
And it is because of a bunch of people out there who really saw that the art of serving others how liberate can be..they have vision and do things that matters small or big and transcend the essence of living your life ! These people either Teachers  or simple practitioners are the one who asked - for themselves primary - to deepen their own practice, not only in physical study but also in psychological and mysticism way and work in an horizontal line the 8 limbs of yoga  instead of a vertical obsession towards the branches of the Tree of Yoga. Because working like this they know it can give you a tool to use toward duhkha [ unsatisfaction ], where the mind knows so well to function, in the "areas" of anxiety and trouble.
I deeply thank all these people out there for their inspiring work to make things happen and bring yoga in social action where it should be. Hopefully i can also contribute a bit to their vision by letting my heart open and become the action itself. 

Join the Yoga World Day   
at 24 February 2013

Do your practice and Fight hunger with human rights!

For Athens all info for participate in the fundraising 2h yoga practice 
you can find it here 

Dedicate this post to such a sweet and inspiring soul 
Tina Zymarakis      

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