Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Letting go, it will be ok

Today i was looking some photos from the time that i was first  introduced  to this yogic path..
Doing a small evaluation from that time till nowdays i was thinking what is the biggest change that i have noticed in my life, and the answer was very simple and very clear : the "art of letting go".
I remember the time that i was thinking that having a degree of a university, or a right job, a right partner in my life it will really help me to live fully my life, but at the end of the day i felt tired and trapped in those ideas and instead of feeling more free i was feeling more and more conditioned by my own ideas about life! 
When you start practicing a traditional system in Yoga, you start getting immediately benefits from it. If you give more time then more deeper changes taking place and that is the grounding in a ethical life which allows you to open the door of "Letting go". That is why the ethical self disciplines Yamas & Niyamas are the first 2 rungs in the eigh-fold path that Patanjali left us in the Yoga Sutras.  To know better yourself in an individual, collectively & universal level, allows you to let go of what is not nourishes you anymore, allows you to say stop in a way of life that your don't really like, allows you to be content with what you already have and live far more simply than you did in the past. And that is the  "art of letting go" a practice that comes naturally and become one with your daily life. 

The 10 vows or ethical codes of Patanjali's: 

  1. Ahiṃsā : non-violence
  2. Satya : truthfulness 
  3. Asteya : non-stealing
  4. Bramacharya : the wise use of the sexual energy
  5. Aparigraha : non-possessiveness
  6. Saucha : purity
  7. Santosha : Contentment, satisfaction.
  8. Tapas  : discipline practice, the "heat of change"
  9. Svādhyāya  : self-study
  10. Isvara Pranidhana :Letting go into your spiritual source

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