Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I bow to the lotus feet of the Guru - but who is that?

Patanjali's form has not verified historically. This imagine has been taken from here.

When i first introduced to the invocation chanting that opens an Ashtanga Yoga class i almost got my tongue binding with itself!
Of course no mention that my only focus was more to un-bind my tongue rather to learn of what is all about this invocation.
But, and this is the interesting point, the Vedic mantras  have such an incredible power in its vibrations that are created once someone utters them, that even a total beginner can feel the healing, the protection, the energy and the recharging power that emerge by the chanting.
Today i was inspired from a very early phone call that i made (lately i don't talk to much in general). I talked with a beautiful soul, a very sharpen and intelligent mind  who is really showing his own way, the middle way towards his hard path he is walking (even if he is experiencing it us the ultimate gift) with a tumor in his head. 
He reminds me the meaning of a Guru. And once the Invocation is about the Universal Guru , will start from that and saying that for now my Guru is this man, Aristotle for whom i bow to his lotus feet...

Om Vande gurunaam chaaranara vinde / 
Sandar shita swaatma sukhava bhode / 
Nishrey yase jaangalika yamane /
Samsara haala hala moha shantye // 

Abahu purusha karam / 
Shankha chakraasi dharinam / 
Sahasra shirasam shvetam / 
Pranamaami patanjalim / 

“I worship the Guru’s lotus feet, awakening the happiness of the Self revealed. Beyond comparison, acting like the jungle physician to pacify delusion from the poison of existence.

To Patanjali, an incarnation of Adisesa, white in color with 1000 radiant heads, human in form below the shoulders holding a sword, a wheel of fire and a conch  – to him, I prostrate.” 


Guru consist of " gu " the meaning is darkness and  " ru " meaning is its removal. 

Guru stands for the Teacher who is taking from us the darkness of ignorance (Avidya)

In a life time i think many presences of life can be Guru of ourselves, and it is also liberating this thought in its core.

first part 

We worship these "lotus" feet -  the feet of a Guru is not simple feet is lotus one - meaning there are miraculous..


because these feet belongs to the One who is teaching us the right knowledge, he awakens the ultimate happiness in us by pointing the way to our true and pure Self.  

He is a the jungle  physician meaning he is a healer of nature. Again with one word,   remind us not to forget to honor the nature that is the Great Healer.

and like   the jungle  physician that eliminates all  poisons from  toxic herbs , He eliminates the delusions of the toxic herb of Samsara  .

So the first part of the invocation is for all the teachers and the gurus that have been existed as also for those are still exists and for the Guru of the gurus.
Is an apply in a more universal level and the meaning is so strong that you immediately place this Universal Guru right in the center of your Heart.

second part

I bow to the sage Patanjali, his divine form has one thousand radiant white heads of the serpent. Symbolize the Kundalini energy as also the  sage Patanjali considered to be an incarnation of the divine Serpent, Ananta.
His human form , from shoulders and down is holding
a discus of light - symbolize what else ? the infinitive Sun
a conch cell - symbolize the eternal pure inner sound that we can find when go closer to our core , to the Self
a sword - symbolize the discrimination of what is real and what is illusion.

In the second part we visualize the energetic form of Patanjali and we prostrate to his divine and human form who brought  us to the Practice of Yoga.


Next time when you stand on top of your yoga mat, give a momentum of what is really taking place before a practice starts. Through this invocation there is a kind of consolidation  between the student and the teacher's relationship. This relationship is blessed by the divine vibrant sounds of the words of this mantra..
Well who am i to say all these? I'm just a 32 years old woman from Greece, who knows nothing about all this ancient wisdom of the Science of Yoga. I Just keep searching and hoping one day to throw away all the books that i have and experience Yoga in its very core.
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The invocation chant from Manju Jois recorded at the Ashtanga Yoga Shala in Rethymno.
in 2010 Teacher Training.


  1. speak into my heart! Simple meaningful words... I bow, my soul's light bows to your soul! Inspiring Sissy... (Maria M.)

    1. My Siddhi Yoga . sweet Maria really thank you for your energy through this post! You know better what this word "teacher" reflects to our mind and heart. I believe the most inspiring part, is to let our self feel what is in the center of our heart, it will be when the infinitive Guru resides within, and then everything will be LOVE..!!!